Stop swearing, ladies!

NJ school targets female students in no-cursing campaign.

Sexism is alive and well in New Jersey today. Well, I’d argue that it’s alive and well everywhere, but this story caught my attention in particular. A New Jersey school has grown so tired of the kiddies cursing, it seems, that they’ve decided to act on it by implementing a no-cursing rule. The catch is that it’s for girls only.

The reason? A teacher says that it’s to get “ladies to act like ladies.” I’m so not kidding.

To be fair, it’s a Catholic school, so it’s not yet another governmental blunder, but it’s really no wonder why we continue seeing so much sexism afoot in politics, media, and everywhere else with dunderheads like this running the way our kids are educated.

And get this: boys don’t have to obey the rule, but they are “asked” to not swear in front of the company of “ladies.” How quaint. Talk about your double standards, which later lead to boys “being boys” while girls get labeled as sluts, or even girls being blamed for their own rape because it’s our gosh-darn duty to tame those animal boys, don’t you know!

Big, fat eye-roll coupled with a middle finger salute to you, Queen of Peace High School. Thanks a lot for preparing our girls for the misogyny they’ll be encountering their whole lives—the very misogyny that you are breeding in your student body.

What if we limited mens’ rights in response to female assault?

I absolutely love this idea. It’s not the same, but it’s a start…

When women get assaulted by men, they are blamed for it. They are told, “You shouldn’t have been wearing a short skirt/ drinking/ jogging alone/ insert normal behavior here.” Rather than blame rapists for committing crimes, victim blaming—and shaming—runs rampant in this world and I, for one, am absolutely sick of it.

At Wronging Rights, Amanda Taub recently wrote a post considered controversial and even offensive by men about how we can stop rape by limiting men’s freedom instead of women’s—since men, after all, are the rapists (in these cases). It’s almost hilarious when you read it, since some of the ideas call for blindfolding men in public since they can’t control themselves when they see a woman in skimpy clothing (which is not the cause of rape, by the way—only a part of rape culture). These ideas reduce men and women into caricatures—men as violent animals who are helpless and unable to restrain themselves from raping when they see skin, and women as evil temptresses when they show any to begin with. These are also false ideas, which both men and women ought to be outraged by.

Statistics, such as that 6% of men will likely commit sexual assault in their lifetimes, are used in the blog to justify advice such as men not going out at night unless accompanied by a female friend or relative to prevent them from raping women, since rapists usually commit the crime alone or in groups with other men. A quote I particularly like says something about how men’s rights groups are concerned that this will interfere with men’s daily socializing, work, and life in general—but religious rights groups respond that the minor inconvenience is nothing against the horrors of actual rape that victims experience. Could you imagine if society really handled sexual assault this way? It’s true, by the way—though I’m not advocating adopting “rules” like these, merely insisting that they are even more ridiculous when demanded of women to prevent attacks against themselves!

Give the blog a read and keep in mind that each of these statements, as outrageous as they seem, are a direct refutation of what religious leaders, lawmakers, and cops all demand of women when women are assaulted—only instead, they are asking these things of men instead. I hope the post helps make men aware of the ridiculous blame that is often placed on women as well as demonstrates how ridiculous any response to assault is unless it’s the simple compassion for victims and arrest and prosecution of rapists. Period.

One Billion Rising

This year’s V-Day campaign calls for dancing and taking action in your community.

Anne Hathaway, Jane Fonda, Alice Walker, Lily Tomlin and many more women will be joining the One Billion Rising campaign on February 14 as this year’s big global V-Day event. Typically, V-Day—or Violence Against Women Day, not Valentine’s Day—includes performances of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues and other demonstrations, walks and events to raise awareness against the violence.

Many of these movement activities also raise money for local women’s shelters or other services as well. This year, in honor of V-Day’s 15th anniversary, women all over the planet will be standing up, dancing, marching, or otherwise taking action against violence worldwide against women.

One in three women will be abused sexually or physically in her lifetime, and it’s high past time the world takes a stand against such heinousness. The website of the movement is incredibly inspiring (but also features trigger warnings), with lots of ideas for taking action, including incredible dances and tool kits. There’s also a place where you can find an activity in your area to sign up with or create your own.

Be sure to visit the site to find out more information and watch these videos, buy merchandise and get involved. You can get Anne Hathaway’s famous One Billion Rising T-shirt at the website as well.

Natural tampons without toxic chemicals

Tampons are great for the days you wish to stay physically active while on your period.  That is why millions of women rely on them every month.  However, many do feel somewhat concerned about inserting so many tampons into their bodies month after month.  That is because conventional tampons have chemicals that might cause harm to women after prolonged usage.

Fear of exposure to hazardous chemicals has caused many to go back to using maxi pads.  Unfortunately, it can be really hard to go back to uncomfortable sanitary pads after enjoying the convenience of tampons for so long.  Luckily, it is possible to enjoy all of the advantages that come with using a tampon without becoming exposed to the toxic chemicals.  Natural tampons made of sponge can allow women to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Sponge tampons work in very much the same way as conventional tampons—except they do not come with a string or an applicator.  So it can take some time for you to get used to the insertion and removal process.  To aid the insertion process, you can invest in an applicator that is reusable.  Then to make the removal process easier, you can sew or tie a string of clean dental floss to the sponge. 

Lots of women have had no problems with using the sponge tampons.  However, for some it is just plain uncomfortable to try to get the sponge tampon in and out of the body.  To find out whether or not you can tolerate a sponge tampon, you would have to just pop one in and see for yourself.

No EC or rape kit for you!

Doctor denies rape victim basic human compassion due to her so-called conscience.

I’ve said it before and I will say it many more times, I am sure: if you cannot fulfill your Hippocratic oath to do no harm and provide care for your patients, then you should not be a doctor—end of story!

Your job is to provide for your patient’s health—not to let your religious point of view come before it. If that is the case, be a nun. Be a priest. Be anything other than a doctor sworn to help people who then lies about it, like this awful woman in Oklahoma who refused to provide a 24-year-old rape victim with both emergency contraception or a rape kit. To be fair, the hospital claimed there was no nurse to administer a rape kit—which is plain weird, at the very least—but the so-called emergency room doctor told the victim and her mother that she would not give them emergency birth control because it was against her beliefs.

I would like to punch her in the face because not punching someone in the face when he or she does that is against my beliefs.

But since I, unlike this so-called doctor, have a respect for my fellow humans, I would never do such a thing. No, I would settle for her losing her license to practice her so-called medicine, so no other rape victims or other people with uteri who need emergency contraception are denied such. But guess what? What she did is considered perfectly legal in Oklahoma (as well as in other states, including my own, Missouri) due to a “conscience clause” that allows doctors to not do their jobs when they say their jobs go against their beliefs. Does that mean a doctor against blood transfusions can deny them, too, I wonder—or is it specifically misogynistic beliefs that are protected?

Please let this hospital know that it is NOT OK to treat rape victims—indeed, any person—in this manner. While I was unable to find the doctor’s name, the hospital that employs her is Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon, Oklahoma. Their address is 1201Health Center Parkway, Yukon, OK 73112. You can also call them at 405-951-2277 or email them here. I would advise you to keep your comments concise; the web form would not accept the lengthy letter (it was really only a paragraph) I sent them, so I will just have to mail it.

And since the girl had to go to another hospital to get her rape kit done because the city is cutting corners and rotating nurses who collect kits monthly between hospitals, please call your legislators and ask that funding be ensured to guarantee a minimum of one nurse at each hospital during all times.


Uterine and Ovarian Cancer Risks Decreases In Women Who Uses The Pill For Five Years

New research has proven that the birth control pill has more benefits.

New research has proven that the birth control pill has more benefits. These benefits include the ability to help decrease the chance of a woman developing uterine (endometrial) and ovarian cancer. All she has to do is take a birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progestin for at least five years, within her life span. She can do this during her twenties, when she isn’t ready to have children. She can also do this within her thirties or forties.

Yes, it is safe for women to take birth control after the age of thirty-five, if she is not a smoker, if she has had no blood clots and if she has had no bouts with breast cancer. Plus, the birth control may be able to help the woman with any symptoms of perimenopause she may have. This can include: migraines, moodiness, heavy bleeding and even hot flashes.

This research has been proven through a variety of studies. These studies have basically proven that the birth control has helped decreased the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer because in essence it slows down the rate of eggs being produced. This helps to keep further scarring from being developed on the ovaries each time an egg is passed. It also helps keep scarring from occurring with the uterine wall. 

If you are a woman over forty and you would like to know more about the possibility of a birth control pill decreasing your chance of these two of types of cancers, speak to your doctors. Together you can discuss the pros and cons of this decision.


Planned Parenthood Is No Longer Funded By Medicaid In Texas

Governor Rick Perry recently implanted a new law in Texas.

Governor Rick Perry recently implanted a new law in Texas. This law cuts off funding for Planned Parenthood programs for those who are receiving Medicaid. This decision will be affecting women in this state severely.

Planned Parenthood programs aren’t just about birth control. These programs are also geared toward cancer screenings and basic health care programs. Many people are stating that this decision is even discriminating against those people who are low income in this state.

Who will be affected? According to Cindy Mann, director of the Center for Medicaid and State Operations of Texas, an estimated 130,000 women will be affected by this decision. She stated this number in a letter she wrote to Texas health officials. This letter was talked about in an article on Huffingtonpost. She also stated that Texas broke Medicaid federal rules against discrimination.

According to Medicaid law, the government does not have the right to restrict the providers a woman may want to choose for her health services, just because of the types of other services they offer. Yet, this is what they are doing with Planned Parenthood. They are no longer allowing women the access to this provider because they also offer women abortions. This is not legally correct.

What will happen now?

Perry continues to vow to continue providing health care coverage for women, without Planned Parenthood. He also vows to do this without any federal money. Yet, he has not stated how he plans on doing this and many wonders how he plans on accomplishing this feat.




Reasons Why Every Woman Needs Her Own Savings/Checking Account

A savings/checking account gives one independence.

Independence is nice. Feeling a small bit of independence gives you the satisfaction of knowing you don’t need to answer to anyone. This is why every woman needs her own savings/checking account.

But some may feel when you are in a partnership like a marriage everything should be shared. You should have no secrets. This account isn’t about secrets. This account isn’t about going off to the bar and doing bad things. This account is about the freedom to splurge on a bright pair of red shoes and not hear your husband ask you why you need a third pair of red shoes. This account is about being able to feed a bad moment with a shiny new tube of lipstick just because you can. This account is about doing these things without dipping into your family’s budget.

Yes, financial experts often tell married couples that are perfectly all right for both to have separate accounts for splurges. This allows both the freedom to purchase those small things they want. This also allows them to purchase them without asking or telling their partner about the purchase. Many couples will even budget a small amount each week toward these accounts. As long, as the accounts are not overdrawn and no real sins are committed with this money, there should be no reason that these accounts could hurt a marriage or a partnership. In fact, they may help the marriage and partnership. They can give each party the freedom to know that they can purchase that shiny new lipstick or video game without watching the other one’s eyes roll. They can then enjoy the purchase and the independence the account gives them.

Women Often Consider Fertility Issues Before Battling Cancer

They don’t have to worry about giving up their dream of becoming a mother, somday.

You were told that you had a form of cancer. What do you first? If you are a young, single woman or if you are young, married woman who isn’t done having children, you may be trying to decide how to harvest your eggs. Why? You may want to harvest your eggs now because you know that once you begin to fight your cancer, the treatments may harm your eggs.  Yes, a young woman can freeze her eggs. She can also have her embryo frozen. She may even be able to do this thanks to a free program.

This program is called “Fertility Rescue,” it is a program that offered through the Sher Institute For Reproducetive Medicine. They offer free egg retrieval cycles for young women who need cancer treatments. This program is offered in the states of Illinois, Texas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and California. This is an invaluable program for many women since these treatments can cost as much as $10,000 per cycle and is not generally covered by health insurances.

All fees are waived during this program. Any medications have been provided by pharmaceutical companies. The Sher Institute pays all the costs of keeping the eggs frozen for two years.

By freezing these eggs or embryos, the women can go ahead and seek the cancer treatments that they need. They can continue to fight the cancer. They can hopefully become well. Then later in life, they may be able to carry their own baby or they may be able to have another woman carry their baby for them, depending on their health circumstances. The main thing is while they are fighting for their life, they don’t  have to worry about giving up their dream of becoming a mother, somday.

Women May Be Able To Lower Their Stroke Risk By Eating Citrus Foods

Evidence is pointing out the fact that eating a diet that consists of citrus foods can offer a woman some protection in decreasing inflammation in the

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simple way to lower one’s risk of developing a stroke?  According, a recent study, The Nurses Study, there is a simple action a woman can take. That action is adding more citrus fruit into their diet.

The study tracked 69,000 women for 14 years. The study found that the women in the group that had the highest levels of flavanones, which is a plant based compound that is found in citrus fruits, was nineteen percent less likely to suffer from a condition known as ischemic stroke. This is a type of stroke in which the blood flowing action is blocked from the brain.

The researchers than began examining the role of flavanones and stroke. They found no overall reduction in the total risk factor of developing the stroke. The researchers say more studies will have to be conducted. Yet, it seems that evidence is pointing out the fact that eating a diet that consists of citrus foods can offer a woman some protection in decreasing inflammation in their blood vessels. This reduction of inflammation should in all likely also help in turn lower their risk factor of stroke and maybe heart attacks.

What researchers do know for certain is that citrus foods are low in calories. They are high in fiber. They are a good source of Vitamin C. They have a high water content. Plus, they taste good. For all of these reasons, does it really hurt to make sure that you are eating a diet that includes these foods? If they should happen to lower one’s risk factor of developing a stroke, wouldn’t that just be an added benefit?