Destruction in Haiti Still not Over

Destruction in Haiti Still not Over

Especially for Women and Girls

Although there have been a lot of improvements since the destruction of Haiti, a lot of psychological aftershock remains as Haiti has been trying to clean up the rubble and handle the persistent crisis of ongoing sexual violence directed against innocent women and girls.

There still remain staggering numbers of displaced individuals in Haiti and the government is beginning to focus now on the high numbers of rape crime being reported, with promises to push legislative measures throughout the system. The goal is to bring greater security to all women in Haiti.

Providing a pro-bono global network of 160 corporate counsels and law firms, individual attorneys and legal teams are now making themselves available to assist women in diverse global regions who have little to no access to any legal assistance. There a lot of these companies who are bringing expert information together on current conditions covering sexual violence and violence against women in Haiti. There are initiatives to help compare law legislation of Haiti to South Africa, Brazil, France, Sweden, Canada and the United States along with a review of Haiti’s current laws.

There are many reasons as to why sexual violence most likely occurs in Haiti and the forum on sexual violence against women discussed many critical needs and critical solutions to the problem, however, the problems are more than numerous and often overwhelming. Medical treatment following rape has been almost non-existent inside camps with victims of rape falling into every age group. Girls are also common targets and over half of the victims have been under eighteen.

Stronger knowledgeable police presence is needed in the camps, a comprehensive understanding of the violent nature of attacks, that can include severe bodily damage is also needed.