How To Enjoy Being A Woman, Even During That Horrible Time of The Month

How To Enjoy Being A Woman, Even During That Horrible Time of The Month

Okay, you know that time is coming, again. Your breasts are becoming tender.  Your stomach is bloating, even though you have stayed true to your diet. Suddenly, everything your husband is doing is driving you crazy. You are doing everything in your power not to strangle him or say the words that are flowing through your mind. Plus, you want to eat a whole pound of chocolate or a whole bag of chips. You just aren’t sure which one you want the most.  Yes, it is that time of the month.

The doctors would scientifically say that you are experiencing hormonal changes due to your menstrual cycle. Your mother would just shake her head and say dear, it is just your period it will past.  Your friends will totally understand and hand you the bag of chocolate.  Your husband marks it is his dayplanner. Then he intelligently stays out of your way.

There is no denying that this monthly “friend” disruptes your life and everyone’s life around you. Friend? Wonder who gave this hormonal change the nickname friend? Nobody’s friends would ever treat them in this manner.

Yet, there is also no denying that as disruptive as this “friend” is. There will come a day that we may miss her. The reason being is that as long as she is visiting we can say that we are vital and we are young. However, once her visits stops our hormones will go through a different type of change. This change may bring on more problems and they last more than a few days a month.

Does all of this sound disturbing and a little depressing? It shouldn’t sound that way. It is just a part of our cycle of life. It is the way we, women have been created. It makes us unique. It gives us the power to conceive. It gives us the power to be feminine and it makes us who we are.

Therefore when our “friend” visits, we should just enjoy the fact we are a woman. We should carve out some moments for ourselves during this time. We should drink some warm tea. Watch a movie that we love, read a book we have wanted to read or give ourselves a pretty manicure. We should celebrate the fact that we are a woman.