Melissa McCarthy - A Breath of Fresh & Saucy Air

Melissa McCarthy - A Breath of Fresh & Saucy Air

Melissa McCarthy is a breath of fresh air to me. An inspiration and a role model for girls and women everywhere. I can't imagine a discussion about women in entertainment without her name coming up. Melissa McCarthy represents all women. So let's talk about her, shall we?

I have never watched MIKE & MOLLY, but I have seen the commercials enough that when I saw BRIDESMAIDS I noted to myself that she was "Molly" and how different she looked between the two roles. Her character in BRIDESMAIDS is complex. At one moment tough and saucy, at another moment tender and wise. But still tough and saucy.  Looking at her (the character, not Molly) one might make assumptions about her lot in life, her happiness, her satisfaction... But by the end of the movie you realize she is the most confident and successful woman in the group. She plays by her own rules, acknowledges no limits, and looks past any of those notions of society that hold many of us back in life.  What a great character! And you know what? It doesn't seem so far off from Molly the person.

Now to be clear, none of this came to me just from seeing BRIDESMAIDS. At that point, she was just a hoot. But then I saw her on the Emmy Awards.  That's where I learned her name. All the ladies nominated for best female actress lined up on stage as if it was a pageant instead of an award ceremony.  It was very cute.  There was Melissa lined up with with all these tiny Hollywood veteran actresses, among them my two favorite funny ladies, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, and she somehow fit in. She shouldn't have. She doesn't look like a classic leading lady. A supporting actress maybe. And she was relatively unknown next to the rest of them.  But not only did she belong, SHE WON! I didn't even really know her yet, but I got choked up with her - in her joy and sincerity. Her speech was chiming and her smile (those dimples!) infectious. How in the world did this down to earth small town girl make it in a land famous for being superficial and ruthless?

She went for it, that's how. Melissa McCarthy did not accept society's notions of who she should be, or of "who gets to do what."  She didn't let anyone tell her "no" and she did what she wanted despite the odds. How admirable. 

This weekend she was on SNL and continued to be so brave and push boundaries.  I find that when I watch her I'm not just laughing at a funny woman, I'm feeling really about BEING a woman, and inspired to do whatever the heck I want to do. What a great thing to have the affect on people. I hope she knows how many gifts she has - I bet she does - and I hope superstardom doesn't change her. Cus I don't want to lose her. 

I know that Melissa isn't exactly an over night success and that she has paid her dues over the years in lots of smaller roles. I just yesterday put it together that she used to be on the GILMORE GIRLS. Are you just discovering her or have you been following her for years? What's your favorite role?