No EC or rape kit for you!

No EC or rape kit for you!

Doctor denies rape victim basic human compassion due to her so-called conscience.

I’ve said it before and I will say it many more times, I am sure: if you cannot fulfill your Hippocratic oath to do no harm and provide care for your patients, then you should not be a doctor—end of story!

Your job is to provide for your patient’s health—not to let your religious point of view come before it. If that is the case, be a nun. Be a priest. Be anything other than a doctor sworn to help people who then lies about it, like this awful woman in Oklahoma who refused to provide a 24-year-old rape victim with both emergency contraception or a rape kit. To be fair, the hospital claimed there was no nurse to administer a rape kit—which is plain weird, at the very least—but the so-called emergency room doctor told the victim and her mother that she would not give them emergency birth control because it was against her beliefs.

I would like to punch her in the face because not punching someone in the face when he or she does that is against my beliefs.

But since I, unlike this so-called doctor, have a respect for my fellow humans, I would never do such a thing. No, I would settle for her losing her license to practice her so-called medicine, so no other rape victims or other people with uteri who need emergency contraception are denied such. But guess what? What she did is considered perfectly legal in Oklahoma (as well as in other states, including my own, Missouri) due to a “conscience clause” that allows doctors to not do their jobs when they say their jobs go against their beliefs. Does that mean a doctor against blood transfusions can deny them, too, I wonder—or is it specifically misogynistic beliefs that are protected?

Please let this hospital know that it is NOT OK to treat rape victims—indeed, any person—in this manner. While I was unable to find the doctor’s name, the hospital that employs her is Integris Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon, Oklahoma. Their address is 1201Health Center Parkway, Yukon, OK 73112. You can also call them at 405-951-2277 or email them here. I would advise you to keep your comments concise; the web form would not accept the lengthy letter (it was really only a paragraph) I sent them, so I will just have to mail it.

And since the girl had to go to another hospital to get her rape kit done because the city is cutting corners and rotating nurses who collect kits monthly between hospitals, please call your legislators and ask that funding be ensured to guarantee a minimum of one nurse at each hospital during all times.