Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Younger Man

Pros And Cons Of Marrying A Younger Man

"Of course, age doesn’t always matter. People can become tired of one another, regardless of age. "

Lately, the media has been playing some of the con issues out on our television screens about why women should not marry a younger man. Of course, the media is having a field day with the ongoing saga of Demi Moore and her break up with Ashton Kutcher. Now they are factoring in her health and possible drug problems into the mix. Personally, this writer feels that it is up to her and her doctors to figure out if her break up has anything to do with her health problems or not. It isn’t up to the media or even her fans, no matter how much they care for her. Yet, we all understand that she has been under a microscope ever since she said, “I Do” to this young and attractive man.

In fact, Demi and Ashton have been role models for every older woman and every younger man, who wanted to have a relationship and wanted to marry. In the pictures, they looked happy. In the pictures, they looked sexy together. In the pictures, they looked like the perfect blended family. The stories even said that her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, got along great with Ashton. Many older women began to envy Demi.

Why wouldn’t they envy her? There are a lot of pros to being with a younger man. First, there is the status symbol of it. Who doesn’t want everyone to see that a younger man desires her? Then there is there is the fun aspect it. Most men are full of energy and adventure. This means that they are fun to being around and will talk us into doing more fun things. Yes, one can add the sex into the fun part. All the articles say that younger men want to have sex more often than older men. It does make sense because their stamina would be better and they have more testosterone hormones than older men. Finally, one would assume that a younger man would live longer. This is a big factor since normally women do outlive their husbands.

But one must not forget the cons. One con is that older women cannot generally keep up with a younger man, nor may want to keep up with him. She may become bored with him. Yes, all that energy can become a turn off after a while. The sex can even become a chore. The older woman may wish for stimulating conversation and more quiet. Then there is the big factor that he may grow tired of the older woman. She may not seem as intriguing, as classy, as educated or as sexy as she once did. Then he may stray.

Of course, age doesn’t always matter. People can become tired of one another, regardless of age. When it comes down to it, love should be the ultimate reason one marries. One should look at the pro and con reasons for being together. Then one should really examine the relationship and try to decide if she loves that younger man. Then she must decide if she is in love with him or in lust with him.