Sex Trafficking can also Lead to Losing your Organs

Sex Trafficking can also Lead to Losing your Organs

Specifically if you Live in Kenya

Nairobi has the highest rate of human trafficking in East and Central Africa. There are several nongovernmental organizations in Kenya that are now under investigation by INTERPOL, the world’s largest international police organization with 188 member countries according to the Women News Network.

Young women and girls who are trafficked sometimes also end up as involuntary organ donors. Trafficking girls for their kidneys is a very rapidly growing field of criminal activity. There are many countries where the waiting lists are very long and criminals are seizing this as an opportunity to exploit the desperation of patients and potential donors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the most prevalent destinations for trafficked organs are Western Europe and the United States. These two areas have the highest number of patients waiting for a new kidney, liver, heart or pancreas.

The specific organizations that are under investigation currently have not been named but have revealed that young girls under the age of 16 have been trafficked to Europe and the America’s. There is a growing number of women who’s families are ticked by traffickers into thinking that they will have a better life once they are in a different country, have been finding themselves trapped inside an illegal harvesting of their organs’ as they are removed without their consent.

A lot of these women are trafficked for commercial-sex-work or for work as domestic household servants. Even if the girls aren’t trafficked, it doesn’t mean that they are safe from having their organs removed. The organizations under investigation are also being looked at for kidnaps of women in their country, where they have been taken to clinics and had their organs removed, as well.