Stop swearing, ladies!

Stop swearing, ladies!

NJ school targets female students in no-cursing campaign.

Sexism is alive and well in New Jersey today. Well, I’d argue that it’s alive and well everywhere, but this story caught my attention in particular. A New Jersey school has grown so tired of the kiddies cursing, it seems, that they’ve decided to act on it by implementing a no-cursing rule. The catch is that it’s for girls only.

The reason? A teacher says that it’s to get “ladies to act like ladies.” I’m so not kidding.

To be fair, it’s a Catholic school, so it’s not yet another governmental blunder, but it’s really no wonder why we continue seeing so much sexism afoot in politics, media, and everywhere else with dunderheads like this running the way our kids are educated.

And get this: boys don’t have to obey the rule, but they are “asked” to not swear in front of the company of “ladies.” How quaint. Talk about your double standards, which later lead to boys “being boys” while girls get labeled as sluts, or even girls being blamed for their own rape because it’s our gosh-darn duty to tame those animal boys, don’t you know!

Big, fat eye-roll coupled with a middle finger salute to you, Queen of Peace High School. Thanks a lot for preparing our girls for the misogyny they’ll be encountering their whole lives—the very misogyny that you are breeding in your student body.